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Our car accident solicitors are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts.¹ We deal with injury compensation claims using a no win no fee² arrangement. Motor accident claims can be complex and often have liability disputes especially when both sides blame each other. You may rest assured that we will deal with these matters in an efficient and business like manner. You will not be kept waiting any longer than necessary for your compensation and your file will never be at the bottom of a drawer waiting for action. Our solicitors use a computerised case management system which guarantees that cases are dealt with efficiently and quickly. Any delays are flagged by computer and immediate action is put into effect. Remember that a car accident solicitor acting on your behalf doesn't get paid until and unless you get paid, so its in the interests of the lawyer to move the case along as fast as possible.

Car Accident Solicitor

Our car accident solicitors are able to deal with all compensation claims for personal injury ranging from simple cuts, bruises and whiplash through to fatal accidents and catastrophic injuries including brain damage and spinal cord injuries. In addition to dealing with compensation for drivers, we also deal with bicycle and motorbike accidents and with injuries suffered by passengers and pedestrians. Our specialist solicitors will leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice on your behalf and will focus entirely on your needs by providing vigorous and committed expert representation to ensure that you receive maximum damages for your injury and associated losses.


Car accident claim statistics show that by far the most common type of legal action dealt with by the courts in the UK relates to motor vehicle collisions which cause personal injury. A vehicle collision is usually a traumatic experience. Those involved can suffer emotional and psychological pain as well as physical injuries. Victims are entitled to financial compensation on two basic grounds. They are entitled to claim compensation for 'pain and suffering' for personal injuries and they are also entitled to the recovery of financial losses. It is usually best to see a solicitor when the incident is fresh in your mind – but under law you are still permitted to make a car accident claim for compensation any time within three years of the date of the accident.

There are two main categories of damages in a car accident compensation claim which are called 'General Damages' and 'Special Damages' :-

    General Damages represents compensation for items of loss that cannot be calculated mathematically and need a degree of personal assessment usually by a judge. General damages may include:-

    • Pain - the physical pain caused by the injury which was a result of the accident.
    • Suffering - the mental and emotional damage caused by the accident.
    • Loss of amenity - this means loss of a particular lifestyle.

    Special Damages represents compensation for items of loss that can be calculated with a degree of mathematical certainty without the need for assessment. General damages may include:-

    • Loss of earnings.
    • Medical treatment costs.
    • General expenses and losses.

Psychological Injury

Injury and loss from a road traffic accident can take many forms and just because you haven't received physical injury doesn't mean you cannot make a compensation claim for psychological difficulties or financial problems after an accident. Shock, depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common consequences and in addition you may face unexpected psychological disturbing financial hardship after an accident.


You are entitled to make a car accident claim if you are injured in a vehicle collision and it was not your fault. Most drivers are insured and it is the third party insurance company that will settle a car accident claim however where a driver is not insured or is untraced an application can be made to the Motor Insurers Bureau for compensation. Over 95% of road traffic accidents are caused by negligence. Drivers who are at fault often attempt to blame road conditions, equipment failure or other road users however the behaviour of the implicated driver is usually the primary cause. A car accident compensation claim can be made for passengers even if the driver of the car in which they travelled was the cause of the accident. You can be a passenger, a driver or a pedestrian and be affected by a collision caused by 3rd party negligence, entitling you to claim compensation for personal injury and financial loss if someone else is to blame.

Time Limits

There are time limits for motor accident compensation claims under the Limitation Act 1980. The basic rule is that a claim should be settled or proceedings should be issued in a court of law within three years of the incident giving rise to the injury or within three years of the injury becoming apparent, failing which the opportunity to claim compensation may have been lost forever. The court has a wide, but rarely exercised discretion to extend or alter the time limits and there are exceptions to the general three year rule :-

  • time does not start to run against a minor until 18 years old.
  • time does not run against a mentally incapacitated individual until capacity returns

Evidence Preservation

Whether you win or lose your RTA compensation claim may relate directly to your post-accident preparations. Did you meticulously record the details of the road traffic accident? Have you taken photographs of the location and the damage to the vehicles? Have you kept all information relating to witnesses contact details and did you take a note of the registrations of all vehicles involved? Have you kept a full and concise diary of all events following the accident?

Personal Injury Solicitors

When we say we have unrivalled experience, we mean it. We are not a claims management company and we do not use inexperienced clerks. We are staffed entirely by car accident solicitors and if you deal with us you will never speak to anyone but a fully qualified expert who specialises in personal injury compensation claims. We will give you clear unequivocal advice about your chances of success and the anticipated value together with information on no win no fee arrangements. If after talking to us you decide not to take matters further you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged anything at all. If you would like to talk to a solicitor, without obligation about risk free compensation then just use the helpline or complete and send the contact form and a lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury claims will phone you with free advice and information.

HELPLINE 0844 332 0308


¹England and Wales ² Excluding untraced Motor Insurers Bureau claims ©Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved